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Carlos in DC: first post

December 22, 2007

This was the first post of this blog. I have replaced it with a brief summary about Carlos in DC.

Carlos in DC is a personal blog that I started by December 2007. I wanted to write about my personal experiences living in Washington, D.C., about the city, its cultures, spaces, politics, arts and people.

With time, I realized that my blog should focus on the following:

  • As a migrant, I write about the impact of the U.S. government policies on the peoples of the Americas, policies created mostly in Washington, DC, especially immigration.
  • As a person of Native heritage, I write about Latinos in the U.S. who are mostly Indigenous and Afro descendants among other heritages.
  • As a gay Two-Spirit person, I blog also about LGBT rights in the U.S.

I started this blog in WordPress on December 22, 2011 but I quickly moved it to Blogger.

I returned to WordPress on December 2010, after my blog was deleted for 10 hours from Blogger.

By October 2011, again and finally I left WordPress for good, and I’m back with Blogger.

Carlos A. Quiroz

New Media specialist, Activist, Artist painter. I create social media since 2006, my blogs are: Carlos in DC, Peruanista, Two Spirits One. I attended college for Architecture and Art painting, and didn’t graduate. I was an invited scholar at the Smithsonian Institution.

My work (video, photography, writing) has been reproduced in at least 12 countries. I attended college for Architecture and Art painting, but didn’t graduate. I create social media since 2006. I’ve been invited to 5 national social media conferences in the U.S.

I was born in Peru and I live in the U.S. for the past 15 years. I’m an undocumented immigrant. My heritage is Native American. I’m gay or Two-Spirit. I dare to be fair.

My blogs are Carlos in DCPeruanista and TwoSpiritsOne.

Follow me in Twitter as @CarlosQC and in Facebook as Carlos in DC.

This is an independent blog and is not for profits. All the media content that I create including my articles, videos and photography, can be reproduced freely under Creative Commons, as long as the source is mentioned.

Thank you for reading.

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