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DADT Repealed: Gays Against War

December 18, 2010

The homophobic policy “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” passed by president Bill Clinton will be repealed today by the U.S. Senate. This is good news, even when the same U.S. Senate rejected the Dream Act today.

The repeal of DADT not only will stop sexual orientation discrimination in the U.S. military, but also it will end cases of rapes, violence and extortion against closeted gay and lesbian soldiers.

DADT promotes hatred: His 18 y.o. gay cousin was raped 2 times by soldiers in the U.S. Navy, under threats of outing him. I met this guy recently, he authorized me to tell his story. He is gay and will join the U.S. military next year because he can’t find any jobs in his city. This is all the info I will post about him.


While I congratulate the LGBT communities in the U.S., because this is a victory towards equality, but now is the time to reflect on what is next. We gay, lesbians, trans and bisexual people know of violence and discrimination due to our origins and nature.

That is why we must reject the unjustified and illegal wars conducted by the U.S. military in the world. It is important to take a stand against the killing of innocent people, under the excuse of national security. By the way, read about Gays Against Gays in the Military.

Also, please watch this video of the anti-war protest held this week at the White House, organized by several groups including Veterans for Peace. 131 activists were arrested:


“Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere” MLK Jr.



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