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Memorial ceremony in Tucson failed to address roots of racist violence

January 13, 2011

The memorial ceremony held tonight in Tucson, Arizona was a great chance to start an open discussion about the roots of violence in the United States.

Instead the political leadership of this country -including president Barack Obama- and the submissive corporate media, created a political show out of a tragedy, a show of propaganda intended to distract the people of the U.S. from the roots of violence in this nation.

None of tonight’s speakers mentioned the moral debacle of this nation, the growing division and violence affecting its population, the increasing racism and xenophobia among the youth of this nation, they failed to mention the reasons why violence is growing in the United States.

None asked the most needed question: What is wrong with us?

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It is obvious why president Obama would not want to speak about violence in the U.S.

Obama cannot peak about non violence when his government is conducting two illegal wars and opening military bases around the world. Obama cannot talk against hatred and violence, when his administration has incarcerated and deported more Latino (indigenous) parents and children, than any other U.S. president in history.

President Obama cannot speak of unity when his government is increasing the economical and social divide between the rich and the poor. Meanwhile, corporate corruption is growing, and the middle and working classes are losing their rights.

To be direct, President Obama, Governor Janet Brewer and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano were lying publicly about their intentions, because their actions are openly promoting racism and xenophobia in this country. .

The current political leadership of the U.S. lacks of moral authority to speak against fanatic lunatics and violente rampages, when they allow and promote hateful laws intended to racial profiling, including the Department of Homeland Security’s programs Secure Communities and 287g, as well as Arizona’s SB-10170.

Race is still a big factor in this country and how crime is handled it. One of the main reasons why president Obama went to Tucson is because the victims in this case were mostly rich and White. In the first 12 days of 2011, 13 people have been killed in Prince George’s County in Maryland -15 minutes away from the White House-  in crimes related to robbery, drugs and gangs. No ceremonies were held for those Black and Brown victims of violence.

It was so fake that it made us think it was real. Not that he is not well intentioned, perhaps he and his advisers think this was the best way to deal with violence. Tonight, President Barack Obama showed us again why he won the 2008 elections: he is a great manipulative speaker, he knows how to convince people. Even when he doesn’t really mean what he says, people trust him.

I wanted to hear Obama talking about what this nation must do in order to stop the internal violence, but instead he gave a dramatically entertaining and distracting speech, very convincing but insincere in reality.

It was a missed opportunity. President Obama did not talk about the symptoms of the growing hatred in this country: racism, xenophobia, political divide, urban violence. His speech was all about distracting people from the moral debacle of this nation, it was a sugarcoated speech about personal stories, proper of an Oprah Winfrey show.

As most of the U.S. government’s public events, this was very well orchestrated show. When Daniel Hernandez -the gay Native American man who saved the life of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by giving her first aid care- said “I’m not a hero” in his brief speech, he got a strong response from Obama. To me, it sounded like this: “shut up, you are a hero because we need you as part of this show”.

Let me finish with this feedback opinion from readers of my Facebook page:

Obama is as manipulative and demagogue as Reagan. He did not address the core issues of Arizona’s act of terror, but danced around it with emotions and infatuation to the victims: “she opened her eyes…she opened her eyes”. Certainly, for many people was a miracle because our country is blessed by God. He was basically saying what Fox and Sarah Palin say but as a healer as Rodney King did: “this is not a political thing to divide us …why don’t we just get along”. In the meantime, semiofficial-militias in Arizona will continue hunting [indigenous] immigrants in the border with Mexico, and fascists provocautors (the Palins, Fox, O’Rellys and Becks) will incite violence against [non-White] people in the U.S. […]

Even worse is that [tonight’s speech] reminds me of the show that George Bush put on after 9-11! Now if they go after the real terrorits on Wall Street, the Banking industry, the Medical lobby, Congress, and Senate, and then he arrest himself and Gates for war crimes, then I’m down with the show!

The whole melodramatic show created by the U.S. government tonight -and its corporate media- after the Tucson rampage, it was just too much falseness. From the cheerful acclamations from the attending public -proper of a celebration instead of a mourning ceremony- to the final commentaries from every TV anchor. Everything seemed out of place.

However, reality remains the same out there. And this nation won’t heal with beautiful speeches or enforceable pre-designed ceremonies. The violence is out there, in our communities, and is an every day problem for many. President Obama, the moral debacle of this country cannot be hidden with wishful thinking. We need straight talk and direct actions. What can we do to heal our communities?

Actions instead of words

There is a relation between the violence promoted by hate groups like the Tea party and leaders of the Republican party, and the anti-immigrant sentiment that is growing in the United States, is the same hatred and division promoted not only by fanatic groups, but also by the U.S. government immigration policies and state governments like Arizona with its racist law SB1070.

The same violence that killed Raul Flores, 29 and his daughter Brisenia Flores, 09 on May 2009 in Arizona, shooted by members of the Minutemen. There was not a ceremony for them.

Here is a personal commentary I posted two days ago:

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  1. Gaelle permalink
    January 29, 2011 4:11 pm

    Hi Carlos,

    I like your blog, Keep it up with the good work.

    I wanted to share that important and informative video conference.

    Watch all of it, it’s only 30min…

    Can you pass it on please?

    Thank you

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