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The 2011 Netroots Nation LGBT Netroots Connect conference: VIDEOS & PHOTOS

June 16, 2011

It was a great way to start Netroots Nation in Minneapolis.

The 2011 Netroots Nation LGBT Netroots Connect all-day conference was a success and the biggest ever. I have attended two previous meetings before but I think this year was the most meaningful and participative I have seeing so far. There were many new faces, awesome ideas, dialogues and testimonies.

Netroots Connect was divided in four sessions. Session 1 was titled “Problem-Solving the Movement“. We were asked to discuss these topics in groups, one at a time:

  • Identify 5 key gaps in our movement?
  • How can we engage more effectively across race/ethnicity?
  • How can we engage more effectively across generations?
  • How can we engage more effectively across faith/non-faith lines?
  • How can we ensure the LGBT blogosphere is strong and well-funded?
Session 2 was titled: “Utilizing Blogging, Social Media and Online Activism to Effect Change“. It referred about funding, how to make blogging sustainable, and how important is if bloggers pretend to be someone else, like the straight men portraying to be lesbians.

Undocumented and unafraid:

Session 3 was titled “Immigration Reform Through a Queer Lens“. Here is a video that includes the very personal and touching testimonies from the panelists, who are undocumented immigrants: Tania Unzueta, Reyna Wences, Juan Rodriguez and Felipe Matos.

Session 4 was “Is Fighting for Marriage Equality Strategic?” and it was focused on the questions of rather marriage is one of the priorities for LGBT activism, if it’s helping achieving “full federal equality”. Attendees asked open questions and let an open dialogue run in an honest but respectful way.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Who were there:

Meet some of the participants and the always awesome staff of Netroots Connect: Michael Rogers, director; Michael Crawford, Heather Cronk and Barbara McCullough-Jones.

All photos and video by Carlos A. Quiroz


I “came out” in front of all these young LGBT leaders. I will blog about this experience later on and will post a video, when I return to Washington, DC, hopefully.

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