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Welcome to the movement Jose Antonio Vargas undocumented American

June 22, 2011

I’m so excited and pleased. I just read about journalist Jose Antonio Vargas “coming out” as an undocumented immigrant.

This is just great. I “came out” this past weekend and although our cases are a bit different, but I feel empowered by his courage. I know we can do this.

Photo Washingtonian magazine

For a long time I’ve read Vargas articles at the Washington Post and other sites, it’s funny that I always thought he was “Latino” because of his Spanish surname. The things we learn when we get to know about people as people, more than as distant images or perceptions.

That is exactly what we undocumented immigrants need to do: let others know who we are!

The story of Vargas is special, he is risking a lot and he will be prosecuted and possibly deported. But he is doing the right thing. We all need to do this!

Here is a video of Jose Antonio Vargas telling his story:

Read the story of Jose Antonio Vargas at the NY Times, ABC News, and The Huffington Post. Jose Antonio has set up a Define America website and a Facebook page as well.

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  1. Gary permalink
    June 28, 2011 3:46 am

    We can feed all the hungry mouths by waiting for the money to trickle down from the wealthy who got their big tax cut. I’ve been waiting now since Reagan to get a little trickle!

    Secondly, the Dream Act applies to kids, not adults who entered the country illegally. If a kid who was brought here before their 16th birthday is willing to serve the country I love, then I say make him/her an American citizen!

  2. June 22, 2011 11:47 pm

    We might as well just throw open the gates to our country and take anyone who wants to enter. Is that really the answer to managing this country? By condoning this you are casting your vote against having an immigration policy, thereby making illegal entry legal. So if we make coming into this country undocumented a legal act we are opening the gates to anyone and everyone. So now this is your master plan to improve this country. How are we going to feed all the hungry mouths? certainly there will not be enough jobs as there are not enough today. How do you suppose we police the added crime that comes with increased population? the prisons are overflowing as it is.

    While I’m sure Jose is a great guy, he has just thumbed his nose at our immigration laws and he has won. He has won because of people who think its just cool to have anyone in this country that wants to be here. America cannot support the immigration we have today, how in the world will we support a sharp increase?
    But our Grandkids and their kids will definitely feel the consequences of our lax attitude towards illegal immigrants. When America cannot afford to feed its people, is bankrupt with all the illegals, and other countries have far surpassed us. Don’t worry we will have people like Jose to thank for his campaign towards and open border America.

    Seriously people, think about what you are supporting here. Jose might be cool, but is condoning his behavior really worth mortgaging the future of our country?

  3. June 22, 2011 2:02 pm

    JAV is a talent at a time when America deports talent. His arrival in the immigration debate is potentially enormous.

  4. June 22, 2011 12:57 pm

    What would you do? I’m pondering that very question right now with tears streaming down my face.
    Here’s what I will do, I will fight for Jose Antonio Vargas, Carlos Quiroz and the million others who go on day in and day out making America a great country even as they live in the shadows.
    Now, I ask you as Jose asked: What would you do?
    Human beings are not illegal. Pass it on.


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