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Undocumented youth DREAMers took over and prayed at Republican Party GOP headquarters in DC

June 28, 2011

Today I experienced history, when I saw a group of brave, highly motivated young Americans walking in the headquarters of the most hateful and divisive political party in the United States, and leaving behind a message of peace, solidarity and justice.

A group of about 80-100 young undocumented students walked in the headquarters of the Republican National Committee this afternoon, asking to be seeing by the chairman or vice-chairman. They waited for at least 20 minutes, until an old White lady came out to talk, but she listened patiently.

In the city of MLK Jr

While this was happening in Washington, DC, thousands of miles south in Atlanta, six brave Dreamers were arrested after a seat-in protest in front of the Georgia State Capitol building, against the hateful anti-immigrant law  HB 87 which is a copy-cat law to Arizona’s SB1070.


According to United We Dream, the six undocumented youth arrested at the Georgia state capitol yesterday were Dulce (18), Jessica (17), Felipe (24), Richie (16), Nataly (16) and Leeidy (16).  “The good news is that the three younger ones were all released to their parents but the bad news is that the other three are still in Jail.They need out support! 

June 29th, 4PM – remaining three DREAMers have been released today.

Photos AP via Washington Examiner

They just want to know why…

Although the Dreamers asked for a face-to- face dialogue with the GOP leadership this afternoon, instead they got silence and disdain. Actually, these undocumented students were chanting and singing, while the Republican employees looked scared from inside. That said a lot.

You can see in these images, these young activists are moved by love, solidarity, hope, and struggle and sense of community. These undocumented Americans were supposed to be the afraid ones, but the Republican Party staff got nervous for some reason, and they were hiding and avoided as much as they could having any type of contact with the Dreamers.

One can’t help it but noticing, the door that divided people meant so much. In one side there were these Brown young people sweating hard because someone cut the air conditioning off at the lobby -we were tired and sweating but chanting, singing with the spirits high and well.- while in the other side, almost all of the employees looked sad and surprised but in a non pleasant way.

At the end of this spontaneous direct action, the Dreamers got together and prayed to the Supreme Being, so that the Republican Senators start for once thinking about the human beings that are behind what they call “illegal aliens”, so that a miracle can finally happen and the long-fought and waited Dream Act bill can get approval, from a generation of Americans that don’t see their nation has already changed.

At some point, I said to these young leaders “I’m also undocumented and you inspired me to tell my story, you are planting the seeds of a movement that is only going to grow, this is history in the making and you should be extremely proud of what you are doing”. I was being sincere and they responded with such a strong energy almost screaming… “Undocumented and unafraid!” It was a wow moment.

These are the mighty Dreamers, and any country would be honored to have them as their citizens. It’s about time, the United States needs to embrace their sons and daughters, once and for all.

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