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The “Occupy Wall Street” protest in New York City – VIDEO & PHOTOS

September 27, 2011

A new American revolution has started in the streets of New York.

Thousands of U.S. citizens and allies are protesting since last September 17th in New York City against the current U.S. economic and political systems which are promoting corruption, inequality, war, abuse of the wealthy elites and the impoverishment of the majority.

This past weekend I traveled to New York because I wanted to witness the ongoing and growing movement of civil disobedience happening in that city titled “Occupy Wall Street“. I was curious about this protest since it is one of very few times in U.S. history, where the people of this country stand up in civil disobedience against the current corrupted economic and political system governing us.

Nearly a hundred protesters have been arrested and then released by the New York Police who have used violent methods including pepper gas and tassers to arrest the activists, mostly young people. I saw some of the violence as I was walking down the street.

So I went to the now called “Liberty Square” in the corner of Liberty St. and Broadway.

Until last weekend, the corporate news outlets did not report on the protests, neither did the “progressive” websites and blogs. So I wanted to see directly what was up. I met some of the organizers, they even had me on camera in the live stream “Global Revolution“. I recorded this video, this is what I saw last Saturday September 24th, 2011. I got the chance to interview some of the activists involved:

As an activist and progressive minded individual, I have been involved in several protests in my life, including several in this country for immigrant rights and LGBT rights. The “Occupy Wall Street” seems to me as the most honest and genuine of all protests I have witnessed -it reminds me a little of the DREAM Act activism– without any corporate, union, political or interest groups sponsorship. It’s a growing movement and it will only get stronger, I can see it happening.

However, I felt that “Occupy Wall Street” needs to figure out a better organization and state clearer goals of what this movement is about. What they [we] want to accomplish. Is this protest about the end of the bank system and capitalism? Is it about ending the Democratic-Republican fake democracy? Is it about taxing the rich and paying back the poor? Whatever the main goals of this protest, I think this movement will define itself soon.

Black and Brown people

In my visit, I noticed in this protest the lack of participation of people of color. Most of the activists are of European heritage, this is not bad but is not representative of the people of the U.S. I spoke to these two activists -one is a Jamaican immigrant -watch this video– nd another is an activist from the “indignados” M-15 movement of Madrid (see video in Spanish).

The media works for the rich

Sadly, the protest is being ignored by many people in the country, even in NYC people around the corner were not aware of it until they walked by. The main reason for this is because the corporate and social media has widely ignored it for over a week. The same day I was there, the reporters of AP, ABC and others arrived.  The following days Michael Moore, Cornell West, Immortal Technique and other revolutionary leaders came by to show their support. Noam Chomsky has expressed his strong support.

The news reports were intended to scare people. A friend of mine in NYC said to me he didn’t want to join because all he saw in the news was “people getting beat up“. The next day, I walked around the site and I run into people coming back from a run organized to “remember 9/11” there I met a military student from West Point Academy to whom I say “it is a shame they still use this crime to cover up who really demolished these towers,” and to my surprised he replied “You are right.”  I take this as a sign that people in this country are waking up.

Across the U.S.

This movement is growing and events of solidarity are planned across the country. Check on this website “Occupy Together” for info on local events.

In Washington, DC, there will be a protest at Freedom Plaza on October 1st at 9AM and October 6th as well in solidarity with the Stop the Machine movement coming into the city. Anonymous have also joined:


  • Don’t forget to watch the live stream of Occupy Wall Street
  • The people resist. This video shows the violence of the NYPD against the peaceful protesters:
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  1. Kim permalink
    October 1, 2011 3:27 pm

    This has been going on for three weeks and I just heard about it today, when I searched the internet it doesn’t show up on a “Protest in NY” I had to continue searching. The web pages list Obama wearing sunglasses as a news story, and Demi & Ashton’ s tweets as a news story and nothing about this…… REALLY. I am excited to see the people standing up to the Capitalists running the USA, the ones who steal from the people, foreclose on the little guys who got caught in the Banksters fraudulent scams and took everything they could from the people including their future tax dollars for the next century. Stand Up Citizens of the USA, take back your country from the ruthless capitalists who have been supported by your Government in the theft of your freedom.


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