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The people protesting in Washington DC: Occupy DC and Stop The Machine – VIDEO

October 11, 2011

The people of Washington DC are occupying public spaces, to remind corrupted corporations and politicians that humans should always be above profits.

This video I recorded this past weekend, may help you understand who are these protesters and why they are protesting. They are regular citizens like you, they know the power of organizing and reuniting people, they want to change this country for the better.

Meet the people who are protesting in Washington, DC. This video was recorded on Saturday October 8th. 2011.

October 2011 marks the beginning of popular protests all across the United States [See OccupyTogether]

In Washington, DC, hundreds -if not thousands- of people have come to the city to join new social movements: Occupy DC and Stop The Machine.

Please spread the word about these movements. This is good for everyone.

The people

Occupy DC [] is one of over 1,100 protests created nationwide in support of Occupy Wall Street. The DC protest is about ending the corrupted influence of elites and corporations in DC politics. This protest started last October 1st. at Mc. Pherson Square, next to K Street NW the most common address for lobbyists and political gamblers who have taken over the U.S. democracy. These protesters are camping 24 hours in this site.

Stop The Machine [] is mostly an anti-war movement, anti-corporatism and anti-corruption, they are camping at Freedom Plaza (corner of 14th St. NW and Pennsylvania Ave. NW) since last October 6th. They have joined efforts with Occupy DC and Occupy Wall Street, but maintain their independence as a movement.

Both groups are using a lot of social media (find them in Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and they need lots of support and donations. Please see links bellow to contact them.

Video & Photos by Carlos A. Quiroz


If you want to join these protests, donate supplies, get involved and educate yourself about their demands, please check out their websites for more information.

Once again, please spread the word because the corporate media do not want people to know about it. This is the power of the people in action.

What do you think?

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